100 Years ago: Seaside Heights Friday February 19, 1915

Nugent E Rex Builder of Seashore Homes Seaside Heights NJ Advertisement 1915

Nugent E Rex Builder of Seashore Homes Seaside Heights NJ Advertisement 1915

 Seaside Heights NJ Newspaper Article Friday February 19, 1915

Seaside Heights – Interesting Items Picked up in the Borough about the People You Know

– Mr. and Mrs. W.L Ramage and children, of West Orange, NJ are spending a few days here.

– Although Buz took a very short ride on Tuesday night she will never forget it.

– The Literary Society will hold their next meeting Tuesday evening Feb. 23, in the first floor of the Union Church. A very interesting program has been prepared.

– Yes, we all like pie.

– William King, who has been in charge of the barber shop of Chas. Stults, is about to leave. r. Stults will probably arrange to stay here personally and make this his permanent home.

– Mrs. Anna R. Towers, who formerly had charge of the cooking and dining room at the Sumner Hotel is stopping with friends at Norristown, Pa. Mrs. Towers left here on account of illness and her many friends will be sorry to hear that she has not improved in health.

– The Pennsylvania Railroad has arranged to make an application to the Public Utility Commission for permission to construct a crossing over the tracks at Sherman avenue and and to place a siding on the western side of the tracks for the Barnegat Ice Manufacturing Co.

– Builder J.C Tindall has obtained a contract to errect a hansome bungalow on Sheridan avenue for Mr. J. Leslie Boughnerk of Newark. The bungalow will be of frame construction with cement block foundations and the plans shows that it will be one of the hansomest in the town. Mr. Frank Tindall had the contract signed in Newark on Saturday.

– A most mysterious Valentine party was enjoyed by quite a few, Friday evening at the Marcy’s house. The mysterious part is that noboby knows who gave it, not even Mrs. Marcy, who received a note from the DSC. which included a sample of inivitation and list of people to be invited, asking if her house could be used and of course she consented. But who and what and is and are the D.S.C.? The evening was spent in doing all kind of Valentine stunts which extended into the Wee sma hours of the morning. Those who enjoyed the mysteriousness were: Mr. and Mrs. R. Lemon, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Milne, Mr. and Mrs. J. Clayton, Mr. and Mrs, Hilbert, Mrs. and Mrs. N.E. Rex, Mr. and Mrs A. Hall, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. O. Bunnel and daughter, Florence, the Misses. Eva, Bessie and Mame Rich, Sara McNicholl, Reta Bowen, and Ruth Garrahan, Messrs. Elbert Tindall, Henry and Edward Meierdierck, Otis Tilton, Henry Garrahan, Joseph Potter, Clarance Wilbert and Alfred Mathis. Those who carried home the prizes were N.E. Rex, First; Elbert Tindall, Second; Joseph Potter, third, and Henry Meierdierck, booby.
Flagraising – Washington Birthday

On Washington’s Birthday there will be a flag raising at the new public school at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. An appropriate program has been arranged. A chorus of school children will sing and addresses will be made by Mayor Kramer and others.

Dance Class Night

A Dance Class Night, in connection with the Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company, was held in the Sheridan House on Thursday evening and was well attended. A permanant organization was formed with George Holland, chairman; P.A. Zisgen, treasurer; N.E. Rex, secretary; Elbert Tindall, Jesse Clayton, R.M. Milne, Daniel Allen, rustees. Among those present were mr. and Mrs. Jesse Clayton, mr. and Mrs. R.M. Milne, Elbert W. Tindall, P.A. Zisgen, mr. and Mrs George Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stults, mr. and Mrs. C.D. Anthony, SA Tollins, George M Endres, Mrs. M. Hibler, Chas Koch, Frank Hewitt, Miss Estella Hewitt, Clifford Brown, and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen, Miss Lucy Jene, Miss Florence Bunnell, Roy D. anthony, Miss E. J. Rich, Mrs. Anna W. Hall, Miss Bess Rich, Henry Meiderick, Mrs Ema E. Rex, Mrs. Olive Bunnell, Mrs. Ivy G. Marcy, Miss Ruth Garahan, Mrs. George Hauser, mrs. Koch, Mrs. F.J.S Sayles, E. Meierdierck, H.W. applegate, Otis Tilton, Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCormick, Miss Mame Rich, Miss Sara McNicholl, Jas. Holland.


At a meeting of the Bridge company on Saturday the directors decided tto have the necessary repairs made to the bridge and to expedite the work so as t open the great bay highway for travel at the earliest possible date.

According t the directors of the Bridge Company they will seek to hold the original conractors for the construction of the bridge liable for the cost of the repair work. Estimates showed that it will not take more than a few weeks, possibly four, to make the needed repairs. This work was begun during the week and is being rushed to completion.

The opinion of the Bridge Company directors was that the bridge will be in good shape for opening in the early part of April, or probably during the latter part of March so that even the early summer travel will be accommodated.

100 Years Ago: Seaside Heights Newspaper Article Feb 12, 1915

1915 Newspaper Article for the Sheridan Hotel Seaside Heights NJ

1915 Newspaper Article for the Sheridan Hotel Seaside Heights NJ

Seaside Heights NJ Newspaper Article

Friday February 12, 1915

Seaside Heights – Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People You know.

– Miss Sara McNicholl* spent the week-end with friends at Toms River. (*My Grandmother)

– Mrs. Robert Milne was a Toms River visitor during the week.

– Mr. C. Shultz and family are visiting in Newark.

– The Ladies of the D.S.C. enjoyed a walk from Seaside Park to Seaside Heights Saturday Evening.

– Dr. George A. Jennings, Mrs. Jennings, and daughter, of Mt. Holly spent Wednesday here.

– The Seaside Heights Litery Society met on Tuesday evenning, adopted by-laws and transacted other business.

– A typewriter company has presented mr. Fredk. J.S. Sayles with a handsome gold watch.

– The Camp Fire Girls held a well attended meetin at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Anthony.

– Miss. M.H. Esher has returned here from a visit to her parents in Philadelphia.

– Miss Olive Zisgen, of Arlington, Enjoyed a few days vacation at the home of her sister, Mrs. Christian J. Hiering.

– The First Troop of Boy Scouts had several drills during the week and they are making very rapid progress in learning the Morse code.

– Mrs. Anna M. Hall is with us again. She like Seaside Heights so well that it is trying for her to live in Philadelphia.

– Mr. Karl Weigand, of Philadelphia and one of the summer visitors here, has been given a contract to equip the new public school with window shades.

– Mr. and Mrs. John Whealon and daughter of Philadelphia were sunday visitors. Mr. Whealon has built a store and intends opening for business during the present season.
– The weather has been so very mild here during the past few days that it looks as if summer was about to visit before schedule time. The sunshine these days ought to make everybody happy – even the chronic grouch.

– A meeting of the Bridge Company will be held in Toms River to-morrow (Saturday) when it is expected that definite arrangements will be made to make the necessary bridge repairs.

– Mrs. A.R. Towers who has been associated with the Sumner Hotel in charge of the dining room since last summer, has been ill for some time and has gone to Philadelphia for a rest.

– The organization of the Q.T. Club is making rapid progress. It is composed entirely of ladies and in a short time it is expected that it will be one of the most progressive clubs in the town.

– The newly formed dancing class met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Marcy on Wednesday night and dancing continuted until a late hour. Some new steps were learned. What became of Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Milne and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen? They were badly missed.

– At a meeting on Thursday at the home of Mrs. Kramer, Sr. Hamilton avenue, a society was organized for Home and Foreign Missions. The following officers were elected; Mrs. Harry Kramer, president; Mrs. C.D. Anthony, corresponding secretary for the Foreign Mission; Mrs. W.H. Magill, secretary; The other officers and committees will be appointed later.

– Now is the time to make preparations for your summer homes. The builders along this section of the coast are planning for one of the busiest seasons they have had in years and a larger number of people than ever are making arrangements to have their seashore cottages and bungalows built ON TIME. Do not leave the building of your summer bungalow or cottage to the last minute. Now is the time to make your plans and to give out the contract for building.

100 Years Ago: February 5, 1915 Seaside Heights Newspaper Article



Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about the People you Know

– Attorney R.C. Hutchinson, of Bordontown was a recent visitor here.

– Mr. Geo Holland was a camden visitor over Sunday

– Mr. Arthur Driver of Germantown was a weekly visitor.

– Mr. R.B. Storm of New York made a trip to the borough on business.

– Miss. M.H. Esher has been in Philadelphia on business during the week.

– Mr. Clarence Anthony, chief of the Fire. Co. is confined to his bed with a bad attack of Neuralgia.

– The many friends of Mrs. Christian Hiering, who has been ill with a severe cold will be pleased to learn she is much improved.

– Don’t forget the meeting of the Seaside Heights Literary Society to be held at 8 o’clock Tuesday evening first floor Union Church. A musical program – and refreshments.

– Mrs. Emma Hauser, of Philadelphia and an ocean front cottager, spent several days here during the week. Mrs. Hauser is planning an extensive trip through Florida partly on business.

– At a meeting of Council on Monday Mr. Frank Sykes, of Island Heights, was appointed to audit the Borough books. Mr. Sykes is well-known and has had much experience as an auditor in municipal work.

– Mr. A.W. Driver of Philadelphia, has been awarded a contract by the Barnegat Ice Manufacturing Company to install engine, generator, switchboard, etc. and also to wire the new ice plant for electric lighting.

– Mr. J.T. Milnamow, secretary of Gimble Bros. Bank, Philadelphia was a Sunday visitor. Mr. Milnamow has been suffering from blood poisoning for some time but his many friends will be glad to know that he is very much improved.

– Mr. Joseph Endres, prop. of the Sumner has returned after a weeks stay in Philadelphia. Mr Endres, brought his wife and two children with him and will now make his permanent home here having disposed of his business in Philadelphia.

– During the week arrangements progressed very favorably in regard to the new dancing class. The class will be probably be given a room in the public school in which to meet. According to the most recent information Mr. Daniel Allen will be the dancing instructor.

– On Thursday a meeting was held at the home of Mrs. J.C. Tindall to organize a foreign missionary class and tentative plans were agreed upon. Another meeting will be held on Thursday at the home of Mrs. Kramer Sr., Hamilton avenue. All those interested in foreign missions are invited to attend.

– A meeting of the S.S.C Club was held on Thursday and a number of matters in connection with the club affairs were discussed. There was a large attendance and the ladies afterwards visited the new public school and various were the comments made on the size of the hot air heating plant.

– Mr. J.F. Deasy of the Pennsylvania Railroad came here this morning to obtain additional information in regard to the marvelous growth of Seaside Heights during the past two years. It is expected that work on the new passenger station will begin at an early date and a little later the erection of the new freight depot will be started.

– At a meeting of the Borough Council on Monday a contract was awarded to Mr. Roy G. Anthony to supply the Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company with equipment. This consists of coats, helmets, and lanterns. Mr. Anthony represents a big New York house. A bid was also submitted by Mr. A.W Driver, of Philadelphia but the total bid of Mr. Anthony was $13.20 lower and as the lowest bidder he was given the contract.

Never the Right Road

Its plain enough you get into the wrong road in this life if you run after this and that only for the sake o’ making things easy and pleasant for yours – George Elliot.


People now assured of a plentiful supply of ice for the coming summer and at low prices. Operations to Begin Next Week.

The new ice plant has been almost completed practically the only thing to be done is to test out the machinery. The plant is one of the most adequately equipped and best of its kind in the country. It has a capacity not only to turn out enough ice to supply Seaside Heights and Seaside Park but other towns along the coast, as well as Toms River, Island Heights, Ocean Gate, Pine Beach, and other places.

During the week the big whistle that will announce the morning, mid-day, and evening hours arrived. Its sound will be ever welcome to this section of the coast. The permanent residents and summer visitors know only too well the troubles they have experienced during the past two summers in getting their necessary supplies of ice and the prices they had to pay. The deliveries will henceforth be made early in the mornings and at prices that will be a welcome boon to householders and hotel shopkeepers.

To Mr. Christian Hiering belongs the credit of having planned and carried to completion the new ice plant. For this and many other things in the upbuilding of the town Mr. Hiering deserves the thanks of all of the people. The people know this and Seaside Heights is proud to have such a man as a resident. He plans with wisdom and once he gives his word that a thing will be done there is no turning back; he goes ahead and does it.