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This this website was started in 2004 with my early collection of postcards and memorabilia items. Several years ago the website was overhauled and was reformatted into blog format integrated it with Facebook. We hope you like the website.

I grew up in Seaside Heights and attended Seaside Heights Elementary School. My family can trace our Seaside Heights roots back to our Great-Grandparents Samuel and Helen McNicholl who purchased property here in Seaside Heights before the incorporation of the town in 1913 and moved permanently here around that time from the Germantown section of Philadelphia. They owned a number of properties and rental cottages.

My Grandmother and Grandparents met in Seaside Heights and were married about 1920. They lived in Seaside Heights the rest of their lives with my Grandfather being a builder and my Grandmother running a real estate business on the corner of Kearny Avenue and the Boulevard.  My Grandfather built a the house there in 1927 and is still there today on the Southwest corner. My mother grew up in Seaside Heights from childhood living her her entire life attending Seaside Heights School and attending Toms River High School graduating in 1940.

Our Family lived and grew up in seaside. We still own the property today that our family lived in. The $175.00 building lot was a present from our grandparents to my parents and the original house was built for about $7000.00 in 1948.