Chief Halftown

Some of you may recall Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday in Seaside Heights. It would be the first big weekend for the amusements. The easter egg hunt would be followed by a raffle for bicycles and other plush. There would be entertainment and local TV celebrities of the time.  Officer Joe Bolton from Channel 11 New York would be there as was Chief Halftown from Philadelphia Channel 6.  I came across this postcard type media a few years of Chief Halftown.

chief halftown easter seaside heights

Halftown started his broadcasts  in 1950 and lasted almost 50 years on TV retiring in 1999. His career was on the same channel WFIL-TV that later became WPVI.  The show series was intended to last some 6 weeks but ended up being the longest running local TV children’s show in the history of the world.
Halftown a real Seneca Indian always was dressed in full Indian costume. This included a full-feathered bonnet, beads, and buckskin. The show started as a low budget operation but ended with Halftown being a star.  Chief Halftown is a long memorable Icon of Seaside Heights Easter Weekends.