Heffernan Real Estate Correspondence 1948

This is a letter dated May 15, 1948 with correspondence related to a Real Estate Transaction within Seaside Heights, NJ.

The Real Estate Broker and former Justice of the Peace for Seaside was Martin A. Heffernan. Heffernan Real Estate was located on the southeast corner of Hancock and the Boulevard in Seaside Heights. The office and building were located in a long standing Seaside Heights landmark known as the Duggan House. The Sunburst Motel currently is built in this location.

Tragically the building was demolished in the mid 1970s due to a natural gas leak and explosion caused by borough construction workers widening the streets in Seaside Heights at the time. A backhoe hit a gas line in the street which ultimately let to an enormous explosion. Persons working in the real estate office had to jump out of the ground floor windows after they were blown out during the explosion to escape the ensuing fire which burnt the building down.

Heffernan real estate correspondence 1948

Heffernan real estate correspondence 1948

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