100 Years Ago Seaside Heights April 2 1915

Seaside Heights Newspaper Article April 2, 1915


Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People You Know

Mr. Wm. Toland of Philadelphia is here for the week-end.

Mayor E.C. Kramer was in Philadelphia on business during the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gifford have left town for a short time.

Mr. C.G. Marcy was a Philadelphia visitor during the week.

Mrs. William H. Magill spent several days of the week in Philadelphia.

The Misses Rich have taken the second floor apartment in the Goodwin-Kramer Building.

The builders of the town are seriously thinking of the new form of foundation.

Mr. And Mrs. Robert M. Milne are spending their Easter in the City of Brotherly Love.

Mr. And Mrs. Chas. F. Esher of Philadelphia, are here over the Easter holidays.

Mr. John Milne is here over Easter. He expects to spend much time here during the summer.

Mr. Christian J. Hiering has been named as one of the jurors for the April term of court.

Mrs. Virginia Stanger and her son and daughter are here for the Easter holidays.

Mrs. James T. Leal who enjoyed all there was to be enjoyed for the last month has returned to her home in Philadelphia.

The Sunday School will render a very pleasing Easter program Sunday evening. Mr. J.N. Davis will be the speaker.

A certain young man in town has become so absent-minded of late that he puts his cane to bed and stands himself in the corner.One night this same young man thought the dance floor at the Sheridan needed more support so he put the same cane under the porch.

Rev. Mr. Lawrence of Island Heights had charge of both morning and evening services in the Union Church on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Currie and their daughter, Miss Currie of Philadelphia have opened their cottage on Fremont avenue for the Easter holidays.

Mr. N. Earl Newman, of Spring Lake and family have leased the third story apartment of the Goodwin-Kramer Realty Building.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Sykes, of Island Heights, have moved here. They have leased a cottage belonging to Mr. F.C. Goodwin on Sumner avenue bayside.

Quite a few visitors are expected here over Easter. Hope the weather will be so fine the ladies can promenade the Boulevard instead of the Boardwalk.

The season here has begun much earlier than usual and never was there such a rush to secure cottages and bungalows as there has been the past few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred’k Vieser of Camden were visitors and were much pleased with their new cottage on Sumner avenue built by the E.C. Kramer Co.

Miss Sara Mcnichol was called to Philadelphia during the week to her sister who is confined to her bed the result of nursing her son, Loder, back to health who had a very severe attack of pneumonia.

Mr. Ebenezer Clark of Philadelphia and son are occupying their cottage on Dupont Avenue. Mrs. Clark who is a daughter of Mr. John Milne was unable to travel, having sprained her foot.

Dr. Wm. E. Crolius and Mrs. Crolius and family of Philadelphia are occupying their cottage on Lincoln avenue. They will remain over Easter. They expect to open their cottage earlier than usual this summer.

The Goodwin-Kramer Realty Company reports that the renting of cottages is starting in unusually early this year; all of Mr. Goodwins properties have been rented. While they still have quite a few choice cottages bungalows and apartments for rent for the season they would ask other property owners to place their houses on the list. According to the present indications there will be no trouble in renting houses for the summer.



100 Years Ago: Seaside Heights March 5 1915

Newspaper Article from 100 Years ago:  March 5, 1915


Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People You Know

The “D.S.C” held their regular meeting Tuesday Night.

Miss Richardson of Philadelphia is the guest of the Misses Rich.

Have you noticed the “Sparkler” on the left hand of one of our young ladies?

Mayor E.C. Kramer is on the sick list and is confined to his house with a severe cold

Mr. Samuel Tollins, foreman for the Edmund C. Kramer Company, who has been ill for several days, is much improved.

George Taylor has been on the sick list for several days. He is reported as being considerably better and will soon return to work.

Mrs. J.T. Leal and Mrs. G. Green attended the dance Thursday evening and declared they had a royal good time.

The Fire Company will hold a special meeting on Monday, March 8, when the new by-laws will be accepted in the book form, and the matter of relief and incorporation will be taken up.

The old saying “love is blind” must be true, for a certain young man waited for his lady love from four until six only to find that she had passed one hour before six.

Mrs. James T. Leal, of West Philadelphia, is occupying her Bungalow on Dupontavenue and has her guests Mrs. George Green and her son, also of West Philadelphia.

Evangelist Edgar C. Carne, of Nyack, N.Y. had charge of the services in the Union Church Sunday evening. His many admirers regret he will not be able to be among us again for some time.

Roy Lemmon, who has been on the sick list, is much better. Gorge Lemmon, a brother of Roy Lemmon of this town, was painfully injured a few days ago by being struck by a trolley car while crossing a street in Camden.

The Literary Society will hold their regular meeting in the Union Church basement on Tuesday evening. A very interesting program has been prepared and all are invited to attend especially the councilmen of the borough as there will be something that ought to interest them.

A dance at the Sheridan on Thursday night there was a larger attendance than at any yet held. Elaborate arrangements have been made by the entertainment committee of the Fire Company for an old fashoned barn dance for tomorrow (Saturday) night.

100 Years ago: Seaside Heights Friday February 19, 1915

Nugent E Rex Builder of Seashore Homes Seaside Heights NJ Advertisement 1915

Nugent E Rex Builder of Seashore Homes Seaside Heights NJ Advertisement 1915

 Seaside Heights NJ Newspaper Article Friday February 19, 1915

Seaside Heights – Interesting Items Picked up in the Borough about the People You Know

– Mr. and Mrs. W.L Ramage and children, of West Orange, NJ are spending a few days here.

– Although Buz took a very short ride on Tuesday night she will never forget it.

– The Literary Society will hold their next meeting Tuesday evening Feb. 23, in the first floor of the Union Church. A very interesting program has been prepared.

– Yes, we all like pie.

– William King, who has been in charge of the barber shop of Chas. Stults, is about to leave. r. Stults will probably arrange to stay here personally and make this his permanent home.

– Mrs. Anna R. Towers, who formerly had charge of the cooking and dining room at the Sumner Hotel is stopping with friends at Norristown, Pa. Mrs. Towers left here on account of illness and her many friends will be sorry to hear that she has not improved in health.

– The Pennsylvania Railroad has arranged to make an application to the Public Utility Commission for permission to construct a crossing over the tracks at Sherman avenue and and to place a siding on the western side of the tracks for the Barnegat Ice Manufacturing Co.

– Builder J.C Tindall has obtained a contract to errect a hansome bungalow on Sheridan avenue for Mr. J. Leslie Boughnerk of Newark. The bungalow will be of frame construction with cement block foundations and the plans shows that it will be one of the hansomest in the town. Mr. Frank Tindall had the contract signed in Newark on Saturday.

– A most mysterious Valentine party was enjoyed by quite a few, Friday evening at the Marcy’s house. The mysterious part is that noboby knows who gave it, not even Mrs. Marcy, who received a note from the DSC. which included a sample of inivitation and list of people to be invited, asking if her house could be used and of course she consented. But who and what and is and are the D.S.C.? The evening was spent in doing all kind of Valentine stunts which extended into the Wee sma hours of the morning. Those who enjoyed the mysteriousness were: Mr. and Mrs. R. Lemon, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Milne, Mr. and Mrs. J. Clayton, Mr. and Mrs, Hilbert, Mrs. and Mrs. N.E. Rex, Mr. and Mrs A. Hall, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. O. Bunnel and daughter, Florence, the Misses. Eva, Bessie and Mame Rich, Sara McNicholl, Reta Bowen, and Ruth Garrahan, Messrs. Elbert Tindall, Henry and Edward Meierdierck, Otis Tilton, Henry Garrahan, Joseph Potter, Clarance Wilbert and Alfred Mathis. Those who carried home the prizes were N.E. Rex, First; Elbert Tindall, Second; Joseph Potter, third, and Henry Meierdierck, booby.
Flagraising – Washington Birthday

On Washington’s Birthday there will be a flag raising at the new public school at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. An appropriate program has been arranged. A chorus of school children will sing and addresses will be made by Mayor Kramer and others.

Dance Class Night

A Dance Class Night, in connection with the Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company, was held in the Sheridan House on Thursday evening and was well attended. A permanant organization was formed with George Holland, chairman; P.A. Zisgen, treasurer; N.E. Rex, secretary; Elbert Tindall, Jesse Clayton, R.M. Milne, Daniel Allen, rustees. Among those present were mr. and Mrs. Jesse Clayton, mr. and Mrs. R.M. Milne, Elbert W. Tindall, P.A. Zisgen, mr. and Mrs George Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stults, mr. and Mrs. C.D. Anthony, SA Tollins, George M Endres, Mrs. M. Hibler, Chas Koch, Frank Hewitt, Miss Estella Hewitt, Clifford Brown, and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen, Miss Lucy Jene, Miss Florence Bunnell, Roy D. anthony, Miss E. J. Rich, Mrs. Anna W. Hall, Miss Bess Rich, Henry Meiderick, Mrs Ema E. Rex, Mrs. Olive Bunnell, Mrs. Ivy G. Marcy, Miss Ruth Garahan, Mrs. George Hauser, mrs. Koch, Mrs. F.J.S Sayles, E. Meierdierck, H.W. applegate, Otis Tilton, Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCormick, Miss Mame Rich, Miss Sara McNicholl, Jas. Holland.


At a meeting of the Bridge company on Saturday the directors decided tto have the necessary repairs made to the bridge and to expedite the work so as t open the great bay highway for travel at the earliest possible date.

According t the directors of the Bridge Company they will seek to hold the original conractors for the construction of the bridge liable for the cost of the repair work. Estimates showed that it will not take more than a few weeks, possibly four, to make the needed repairs. This work was begun during the week and is being rushed to completion.

The opinion of the Bridge Company directors was that the bridge will be in good shape for opening in the early part of April, or probably during the latter part of March so that even the early summer travel will be accommodated.

100 Years ago: Seaside Heights January 8, 1915

Newspaper Article: SEASIDE HEGHTS, N.J.. FRIDAY JANUARY 8, 1915


Interesting Items Picked up in Borough about the  People You Know.

– Mr. Daniel J. Klee of West Philadelphia, visited his cottage on Sunday.

– Mr. Alfred Hiering spent the holidays with his parents.

– Ask some of the married men how it feels to “bach” it these days.

– Mr. Edward Trill of Philadelphia, was a Sunday Visitor.

– Mrs. N.E. Rex, who has been visiting friends in Philadelphia for two weeks has returned home.

– Mr. Christian Hiering and his son, Christian J. Hiering, were Toms River visitors on Monday.

– Mr. and Mrs. Gifford have rented and are occupying the cottage of A.C. Lewis on Franklin Ave.

– Mr. Clarance D. Anthony was a Toms River visitor on Monday, attending the meeting of the Ocean County Liquor Dealers Association.

– Mr. F.C. Goodwin has resigned as a member of the Board of Health. This became necessary when he was sworn in as a member of Council.

– At the Sunday School election on Sunday Mr. Harry Kramer was elected superintendent in place of Mr. J.C. Tindall. John Barnes was elected assistant superintendent.

– At a congregational meeting of the Union Church, held on Wednesday evening, Miss M.H. Esher was elected treasurer instead of Clyde G. Marcy who resigned. The election of the other officers was postponed until an adjourned meeting to be held in two weeks.

– Dr. Wm. F. Crolins of Philadelphia Mrs. Crolins, and their children spent the weekend at their cottage on Lincoln. They declare there is no place like seaside to spend a few days vacation at any season of the year.

– Evangelist Edgar II Carne, who has been very successful in conducting services at the Union Church here, has returned to the Missionary Institute at Nyack, N.Y.. where he will resume his studies for the ministry. Mr. Carne is a young man of great promise and has made many friends in Seaside Heights.

– The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company transacted quite a good deal of business on Monday evening. Several committees were appointed to look after the good and welfare of the Fire Company and to assist in making every undertaking a success. At the conclusion of the business there was a little “set-out”, a few visitors invited by Mayor Kramer. The Mayor enjoyed himself and for the evening was “one of the boys”.

– Edward Schultze had a narrow escape from death on Tuesday when he fell twenty-two feet while at work on a house in Seaside Park which is being built by J.C. Tindall, of Seaside Heights. Mr. Schultze had his left eye badly injured. Also his left arm and side. His clothing was torn. A small shed in which Mr. Schultze struck as he fell broke the fall. He struck the shed with such force that one end of the shanty was torn away. Ir was caused by the foreman of the work removing a scaffold brace without notifying the men on the job.

 Seaside Heights Newspaper Advertisements from Friday January 8, 1915

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