100 Years ago: Seaside Heights March 26 1915

Seaside Heights Newspaper Article March 26, 1915


Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about the People You Know

The D.S.C. will hold their regular meeting Tuesday evening, March 29.

Mrs. Anna W. Hall is visiting in Philadelphia.

Mr. J. Milton Slim was a visitor here on Wednesday on business.

Mayor E.C. Kramer visited Toms River on Business on Monday.

Mr. Emmett J. Ross of Philadelphia was a Sunday visitor here.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Keough and their little daughter, Reba were week-end visitors.

Mrs. Thomas Hulse of Toms River spent several days with her daughter Mrs. Olive Bunnell.

The Ladies Aid will hold its regular meeting Friday evening April 2, in the Union Church Hall.

A Koffee Klotch was held in the hall of the Union Church on Friday evening. There was a fair attendance and all had a good time.

Mrs. F.J.S Sayles, who has been visiting her daughters and other relatives in Philadelphia for the past few weeks returned home on Tuesday.

Mr. Christian J Heiring was at Toms River on business on Monday. He also went to Philadelphia on business on Thursday.

Contractor J.C. Tindall is making good progress on the bungalow he is building on Sheridan avenue. It is to be one of the handsomest in Seaside Heights when completed.

Miss Fay, the missionary from Burmah, will be with us Monday next and will give a lecture and stereoptican views in the halls of the Union Church Monday evening. The pictures are assured this time. All welcome.

The Fire Co. will hold a Lunch Box party at the Sheridan, Monday evening April 5. The ladies are asked to donate a box of lunch for two with the donor’s name on it and the boxes will be auctioned off. The box bringing the highest amount will win a prize. Everybody welcome.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo A Shoch of Philadelphia their niece Miss Florance Bennett came here on Wednesday and opened their cottage for the season. ┬áMr. and Mrs. Shoch are among the first of the season’s arrivals and they will remain until the end of summer.

The “barn dance” at the Sheridan on Thursday night was one of the most successful ever held here. The women and girls were costumed as country maids and the men were dressed as farmers. The dancing was led by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen, who are experts in the terpsichorean art.

A big gang of men has been at work since Wednesday constructing a siding for the new ice plant. The work will be completed in a few days and the siding will be one of the most complete of any manufacturing company in the county. The ice plant is prepared to fill all orders with expedition. Those requiring supplies of ice for the summer season should place their orders at once.

Some of the daintiest caps of the season are being made by Mrs. Joseph Brenner. For evening wear nothing is more handsome than a pretty cap and the creations of Mrs. Brenner are among the most pretty to be seen anywhere. Ladies are requested to call at Mrs. Brenner’s place on Hamilton avenue, Bayside, and inspect them. Those who have their own special designs should also consult with Mrs. Brenner, who will make any design to order.

Mr. Howard M. Keough of Philadelphia has arranged to open a dairy here. Pasturized milk, cream, buttermilk, butter, eggs, and poultry, and there will be a general delicatesen store in connection with the dairy. Deliveries will be made in Seaside Park, Ortley, and Lavallette as well as in Seaside heights. Mr. Keough has assured us that only the best of everything will be handled and we bespeak for him a large share of public patronage. He understands the business and many of the summer visitors from Philadelphia know Mr. Keough as a dependable and they will become his customers here. Many orders have been already booked. Under the name of the Coast Dairy Company, Mr. Keough will open his place of business on Monday, April 5, at Dupont avenue and the Boulevard.

The Literary Society had a well attended meeting Tuesday evening and all seemed to enjoy all that took place especially the speech that the president, Mrs. N.E. Rex made. Hope all will remember that speech when they are called on to do their duty. The following entertainment followed the business: Piano selection, Mr. Tilton; reading “the Humors of Elocution” Miss Sarah McNicholl; solo, “Johnnie Sands,” Florence Bunnell; recitation, “Aunt Tabitha,” Reta Bowen; piano selection, Mr. Tilton; debate “Resolve that a boardwalk is needed at Seaside Heights this summer”. Those who took part in the debate where Miss Bess Rich and Jackson Shibla. While the judges decided in favor of the affirmative, Mr. Shibla, by two points, quite a few seemed to think the negative had more points that the affirmative. So you see an audience is always two sided.

Samuel A. Tollins has been appointed mail pouch carrier at the local Post Office. He will take all mail to and from trains.

Miss Margaret Nutt of the Delmar Apartments, Germantown was a weekend visitor of Mr. and Mrs.Fred’kJ.S. Sayles.

Builder N.E. Rex has obtained a contract from Morris L. Selfridge Philadelphia to erect a bungalow here and is to be completed for occupancy early this summer.

Mrs. Jackson Shibla, who spent a few days in Philadelphia visiting her mother, Mrs. Peter Jones has returned to her home. She had a very pleasant time.

For several weeks past Chief Anthony has had quite a few regular visitors – not at his home, for they were unwelcomed guests – but at the local jail where he accommodated them for the night.

Mr. Otto Geiler, the well-known organist of Philadelphia, was a weekend visitor. He is making improvements to his bungalow among which is the erection of a grape arbor. He will entertain extensively here this summer.

Walter Irons, of Toms River was a visitor at the home of Mr. Clarance D. Anthony on Wednesday, and he visited the new ice plant. The review plan and a number of other places in the town.

Mrs. Fergusson wife of Mayor Ferguson, Pt. Pleasant, and two sisters Mrs. John Herbert, Bayhead, and Mrs. William Reid, Lake Como were recent visitors at the home of their brother Mr. Jackson Shibla and Mrs. Shibla. They were greatly pleased with Seaside Heights.

Mr. N.E. Rex spent the greater part of the week in Philadelphia, attending to business.

One of the speakers Monday night was applauded so much that she grew tired responding so decided to simply make a graceful bow and then someone asked him what made her forget her piece.