100 Years ago: Seaside Heights January 8, 1915

Newspaper Article: SEASIDE HEGHTS, N.J.. FRIDAY JANUARY 8, 1915


Interesting Items Picked up in Borough about the  People You Know.

– Mr. Daniel J. Klee of West Philadelphia, visited his cottage on Sunday.

– Mr. Alfred Hiering spent the holidays with his parents.

– Ask some of the married men how it feels to “bach” it these days.

– Mr. Edward Trill of Philadelphia, was a Sunday Visitor.

– Mrs. N.E. Rex, who has been visiting friends in Philadelphia for two weeks has returned home.

– Mr. Christian Hiering and his son, Christian J. Hiering, were Toms River visitors on Monday.

– Mr. and Mrs. Gifford have rented and are occupying the cottage of A.C. Lewis on Franklin Ave.

– Mr. Clarance D. Anthony was a Toms River visitor on Monday, attending the meeting of the Ocean County Liquor Dealers Association.

– Mr. F.C. Goodwin has resigned as a member of the Board of Health. This became necessary when he was sworn in as a member of Council.

– At the Sunday School election on Sunday Mr. Harry Kramer was elected superintendent in place of Mr. J.C. Tindall. John Barnes was elected assistant superintendent.

– At a congregational meeting of the Union Church, held on Wednesday evening, Miss M.H. Esher was elected treasurer instead of Clyde G. Marcy who resigned. The election of the other officers was postponed until an adjourned meeting to be held in two weeks.

– Dr. Wm. F. Crolins of Philadelphia Mrs. Crolins, and their children spent the weekend at their cottage on Lincoln. They declare there is no place like seaside to spend a few days vacation at any season of the year.

– Evangelist Edgar II Carne, who has been very successful in conducting services at the Union Church here, has returned to the Missionary Institute at Nyack, N.Y.. where he will resume his studies for the ministry. Mr. Carne is a young man of great promise and has made many friends in Seaside Heights.

– The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company transacted quite a good deal of business on Monday evening. Several committees were appointed to look after the good and welfare of the Fire Company and to assist in making every undertaking a success. At the conclusion of the business there was a little “set-out”, a few visitors invited by Mayor Kramer. The Mayor enjoyed himself and for the evening was “one of the boys”.

– Edward Schultze had a narrow escape from death on Tuesday when he fell twenty-two feet while at work on a house in Seaside Park which is being built by J.C. Tindall, of Seaside Heights. Mr. Schultze had his left eye badly injured. Also his left arm and side. His clothing was torn. A small shed in which Mr. Schultze struck as he fell broke the fall. He struck the shed with such force that one end of the shanty was torn away. Ir was caused by the foreman of the work removing a scaffold brace without notifying the men on the job.

 Seaside Heights Newspaper Advertisements from Friday January 8, 1915

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