100 Years Ago Seaside Heights April 2 1915

Seaside Heights Newspaper Article April 2, 1915


Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People You Know

Mr. Wm. Toland of Philadelphia is here for the week-end.

Mayor E.C. Kramer was in Philadelphia on business during the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gifford have left town for a short time.

Mr. C.G. Marcy was a Philadelphia visitor during the week.

Mrs. William H. Magill spent several days of the week in Philadelphia.

The Misses Rich have taken the second floor apartment in the Goodwin-Kramer Building.

The builders of the town are seriously thinking of the new form of foundation.

Mr. And Mrs. Robert M. Milne are spending their Easter in the City of Brotherly Love.

Mr. And Mrs. Chas. F. Esher of Philadelphia, are here over the Easter holidays.

Mr. John Milne is here over Easter. He expects to spend much time here during the summer.

Mr. Christian J. Hiering has been named as one of the jurors for the April term of court.

Mrs. Virginia Stanger and her son and daughter are here for the Easter holidays.

Mrs. James T. Leal who enjoyed all there was to be enjoyed for the last month has returned to her home in Philadelphia.

The Sunday School will render a very pleasing Easter program Sunday evening. Mr. J.N. Davis will be the speaker.

A certain young man in town has become so absent-minded of late that he puts his cane to bed and stands himself in the corner.One night this same young man thought the dance floor at the Sheridan needed more support so he put the same cane under the porch.

Rev. Mr. Lawrence of Island Heights had charge of both morning and evening services in the Union Church on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Currie and their daughter, Miss Currie of Philadelphia have opened their cottage on Fremont avenue for the Easter holidays.

Mr. N. Earl Newman, of Spring Lake and family have leased the third story apartment of the Goodwin-Kramer Realty Building.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Sykes, of Island Heights, have moved here. They have leased a cottage belonging to Mr. F.C. Goodwin on Sumner avenue bayside.

Quite a few visitors are expected here over Easter. Hope the weather will be so fine the ladies can promenade the Boulevard instead of the Boardwalk.

The season here has begun much earlier than usual and never was there such a rush to secure cottages and bungalows as there has been the past few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred’k Vieser of Camden were visitors and were much pleased with their new cottage on Sumner avenue built by the E.C. Kramer Co.

Miss Sara Mcnichol was called to Philadelphia during the week to her sister who is confined to her bed the result of nursing her son, Loder, back to health who had a very severe attack of pneumonia.

Mr. Ebenezer Clark of Philadelphia and son are occupying their cottage on Dupont Avenue. Mrs. Clark who is a daughter of Mr. John Milne was unable to travel, having sprained her foot.

Dr. Wm. E. Crolius and Mrs. Crolius and family of Philadelphia are occupying their cottage on Lincoln avenue. They will remain over Easter. They expect to open their cottage earlier than usual this summer.

The Goodwin-Kramer Realty Company reports that the renting of cottages is starting in unusually early this year; all of Mr. Goodwins properties have been rented. While they still have quite a few choice cottages bungalows and apartments for rent for the season they would ask other property owners to place their houses on the list. According to the present indications there will be no trouble in renting houses for the summer.



100 Years ago: Seaside Heights March 26 1915

Seaside Heights Newspaper Article March 26, 1915


Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about the People You Know

The D.S.C. will hold their regular meeting Tuesday evening, March 29.

Mrs. Anna W. Hall is visiting in Philadelphia.

Mr. J. Milton Slim was a visitor here on Wednesday on business.

Mayor E.C. Kramer visited Toms River on Business on Monday.

Mr. Emmett J. Ross of Philadelphia was a Sunday visitor here.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Keough and their little daughter, Reba were week-end visitors.

Mrs. Thomas Hulse of Toms River spent several days with her daughter Mrs. Olive Bunnell.

The Ladies Aid will hold its regular meeting Friday evening April 2, in the Union Church Hall.

A Koffee Klotch was held in the hall of the Union Church on Friday evening. There was a fair attendance and all had a good time.

Mrs. F.J.S Sayles, who has been visiting her daughters and other relatives in Philadelphia for the past few weeks returned home on Tuesday.

Mr. Christian J Heiring was at Toms River on business on Monday. He also went to Philadelphia on business on Thursday.

Contractor J.C. Tindall is making good progress on the bungalow he is building on Sheridan avenue. It is to be one of the handsomest in Seaside Heights when completed.

Miss Fay, the missionary from Burmah, will be with us Monday next and will give a lecture and stereoptican views in the halls of the Union Church Monday evening. The pictures are assured this time. All welcome.

The Fire Co. will hold a Lunch Box party at the Sheridan, Monday evening April 5. The ladies are asked to donate a box of lunch for two with the donor’s name on it and the boxes will be auctioned off. The box bringing the highest amount will win a prize. Everybody welcome.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo A Shoch of Philadelphia their niece Miss Florance Bennett came here on Wednesday and opened their cottage for the season.  Mr. and Mrs. Shoch are among the first of the season’s arrivals and they will remain until the end of summer.

The “barn dance” at the Sheridan on Thursday night was one of the most successful ever held here. The women and girls were costumed as country maids and the men were dressed as farmers. The dancing was led by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen, who are experts in the terpsichorean art.

A big gang of men has been at work since Wednesday constructing a siding for the new ice plant. The work will be completed in a few days and the siding will be one of the most complete of any manufacturing company in the county. The ice plant is prepared to fill all orders with expedition. Those requiring supplies of ice for the summer season should place their orders at once.

Some of the daintiest caps of the season are being made by Mrs. Joseph Brenner. For evening wear nothing is more handsome than a pretty cap and the creations of Mrs. Brenner are among the most pretty to be seen anywhere. Ladies are requested to call at Mrs. Brenner’s place on Hamilton avenue, Bayside, and inspect them. Those who have their own special designs should also consult with Mrs. Brenner, who will make any design to order.

Mr. Howard M. Keough of Philadelphia has arranged to open a dairy here. Pasturized milk, cream, buttermilk, butter, eggs, and poultry, and there will be a general delicatesen store in connection with the dairy. Deliveries will be made in Seaside Park, Ortley, and Lavallette as well as in Seaside heights. Mr. Keough has assured us that only the best of everything will be handled and we bespeak for him a large share of public patronage. He understands the business and many of the summer visitors from Philadelphia know Mr. Keough as a dependable and they will become his customers here. Many orders have been already booked. Under the name of the Coast Dairy Company, Mr. Keough will open his place of business on Monday, April 5, at Dupont avenue and the Boulevard.

The Literary Society had a well attended meeting Tuesday evening and all seemed to enjoy all that took place especially the speech that the president, Mrs. N.E. Rex made. Hope all will remember that speech when they are called on to do their duty. The following entertainment followed the business: Piano selection, Mr. Tilton; reading “the Humors of Elocution” Miss Sarah McNicholl; solo, “Johnnie Sands,” Florence Bunnell; recitation, “Aunt Tabitha,” Reta Bowen; piano selection, Mr. Tilton; debate “Resolve that a boardwalk is needed at Seaside Heights this summer”. Those who took part in the debate where Miss Bess Rich and Jackson Shibla. While the judges decided in favor of the affirmative, Mr. Shibla, by two points, quite a few seemed to think the negative had more points that the affirmative. So you see an audience is always two sided.

Samuel A. Tollins has been appointed mail pouch carrier at the local Post Office. He will take all mail to and from trains.

Miss Margaret Nutt of the Delmar Apartments, Germantown was a weekend visitor of Mr. and Mrs.Fred’kJ.S. Sayles.

Builder N.E. Rex has obtained a contract from Morris L. Selfridge Philadelphia to erect a bungalow here and is to be completed for occupancy early this summer.

Mrs. Jackson Shibla, who spent a few days in Philadelphia visiting her mother, Mrs. Peter Jones has returned to her home. She had a very pleasant time.

For several weeks past Chief Anthony has had quite a few regular visitors – not at his home, for they were unwelcomed guests – but at the local jail where he accommodated them for the night.

Mr. Otto Geiler, the well-known organist of Philadelphia, was a weekend visitor. He is making improvements to his bungalow among which is the erection of a grape arbor. He will entertain extensively here this summer.

Walter Irons, of Toms River was a visitor at the home of Mr. Clarance D. Anthony on Wednesday, and he visited the new ice plant. The review plan and a number of other places in the town.

Mrs. Fergusson wife of Mayor Ferguson, Pt. Pleasant, and two sisters Mrs. John Herbert, Bayhead, and Mrs. William Reid, Lake Como were recent visitors at the home of their brother Mr. Jackson Shibla and Mrs. Shibla. They were greatly pleased with Seaside Heights.

Mr. N.E. Rex spent the greater part of the week in Philadelphia, attending to business.

One of the speakers Monday night was applauded so much that she grew tired responding so decided to simply make a graceful bow and then someone asked him what made her forget her piece.


100 Years Ago: Seaside Heights March 12, 1915

Newspaper Article from March 12, 1915


Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People You Know

Mr. G Mannschreck, of Philadelphia, was a visitor during the week.

Miss Wilts was a guest of Capt. and Mrs. Bowen.

Miss Wilts presided at the organ at the Union Church services.

Miss M. F. Esher will spend the week-end with her parents in Philadelphia.

Is it true that the S.S. C “canned” the dance?

Builder Nugent E. Rex was in Philadelphia on business on Wednesday and Thursday.

Who is the young man who is going to Philadelphia on Sunday to hear “Billy” Sunday and ___

The Misses Rich entertained a few of the ladies Monday evening. All had a good time.

The Board of Trade held its meeting Saturday evening in spite of the bad weather which prevailed.

Mr. William S. Bennett, of Moorestown, was a recent visitor and guest of Mr. Clyde G. Marcy.

Mrs. J.C. Tindall went to Philadelphia to hear “Billy” Sunday. She was much impressed with his sermons.

Miss Mary Kirkpatrick has returned home after spending several weeks with her neice, Mrs. Charles Brookfield.

Special services will be held at the Union Church on Easter Sunday by the Sunday School. There will be special music.

Little Ruth Kramer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kramer, is spending some time with friends in Philadelphia.

The Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company held a special meeting Monday night and accepted their bylaws in book form.

An evening party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Rex on Wednesday evening. Every one had a good time – thanks to the good hostess.

Dr. G. Gould Lawyer and a friend motored here from Germantown and spent the week-end. Dr. Lawyer expects to make many of these trips as soon as the bridge across Barnegat Bay is opened for traffic.

Mrs. Joseph Brenner and family have returned here and are occupying their house on Hamilton avenue, bayside, where they will remain permanently.

It is reported that the Camp Fire girls have disbanded. Some of the members, however, stated that they would reorganize and that a new Guardian would be appointed.

Mrs. Anna W. Hall expects to go to Philadelphia next week and make arrangements to have her furniture brought here. She likes Seaside Heights so well that she will make this town her permanent home.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hiering were recent visitors at the home of the former’s father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Hiering. Mr. and Mrs. Hiering had with them their baby boy.

The baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christian J. Hiering became so ill on thursday that Dr. Dennison, of Pt. Pleasant, had to be called in to treat her. The child’s speedy recovery is earnestly hoped for.

Miss Clementine Moore, of Philadelphia, was a recent visitor and spent some days at the Sumner Hotel. She will be here during the coming season and with her will be her friend, Mrs. Ward, when they will reorganize the Suffragists.

Miss Richardson returned to her home in Philadelphia after spending a very pleasant week with the Misses Rich. Miss Richardson is very handy with the brush and spent part of her time making sketches, especially of the ocean and beach which certainly are fine.

The many young friends of Howard M. Keough, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Keough, of Philadelphia, will be pleased to learn that he has recovered after having an arm broken. A boy tripped him in the school yard and he fell fracturing the arm.

If any matron has any curiousity regarding the Masonic organization and would like to become a member, we would advise her to consult Mr. McNicholl first. No doubt her curiousitty will be satisfied and she will be perfectly willing to let “hubby” go to his F.A.M in peace rather than becoming a member herself.

The Manhassett Realty Co. has awarded the contract for the erection of three bungalows, which they have given the purchers lots in block 8 to The Edmund C. Kramer Co. These bungalows were auctioned off in the Manhasset office in Philadelphia on Saturday and two were purchased by G. Mannschreck and one by Charles Walter, both of Philadelphia.

Mayor Kramer has presented the Fire Company with a very appropriate sign and had it placed over the door of the Company’s hedquarters. The sign has on it the name of the Fire Company, artistically painted and it makes a good showing from the boulevard and other points. Mayor Kramer will receive the thanks of the “boys” as well as the people generally.


100 Years Ago: Seaside Heights March 5 1915

Newspaper Article from 100 Years ago:  March 5, 1915


Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People You Know

The “D.S.C” held their regular meeting Tuesday Night.

Miss Richardson of Philadelphia is the guest of the Misses Rich.

Have you noticed the “Sparkler” on the left hand of one of our young ladies?

Mayor E.C. Kramer is on the sick list and is confined to his house with a severe cold

Mr. Samuel Tollins, foreman for the Edmund C. Kramer Company, who has been ill for several days, is much improved.

George Taylor has been on the sick list for several days. He is reported as being considerably better and will soon return to work.

Mrs. J.T. Leal and Mrs. G. Green attended the dance Thursday evening and declared they had a royal good time.

The Fire Company will hold a special meeting on Monday, March 8, when the new by-laws will be accepted in the book form, and the matter of relief and incorporation will be taken up.

The old saying “love is blind” must be true, for a certain young man waited for his lady love from four until six only to find that she had passed one hour before six.

Mrs. James T. Leal, of West Philadelphia, is occupying her Bungalow on Dupontavenue and has her guests Mrs. George Green and her son, also of West Philadelphia.

Evangelist Edgar C. Carne, of Nyack, N.Y. had charge of the services in the Union Church Sunday evening. His many admirers regret he will not be able to be among us again for some time.

Roy Lemmon, who has been on the sick list, is much better. Gorge Lemmon, a brother of Roy Lemmon of this town, was painfully injured a few days ago by being struck by a trolley car while crossing a street in Camden.

The Literary Society will hold their regular meeting in the Union Church basement on Tuesday evening. A very interesting program has been prepared and all are invited to attend especially the councilmen of the borough as there will be something that ought to interest them.

A dance at the Sheridan on Thursday night there was a larger attendance than at any yet held. Elaborate arrangements have been made by the entertainment committee of the Fire Company for an old fashoned barn dance for tomorrow (Saturday) night.

100 Years Ago: Seaside Heights February 26, 1915

Albert C Lewis Lumber and Millwork Advertisement 1915

Albert C Lewis Lumber and Millwork Advertisement 1915

Seaside Heights NJ Newspaper Advertisement Friday February 26, 1915

Seaside Heights: Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about the People You Know

– Mr. Robt. F. Cummings was among the Sunday visitors here.

– Mr. and Mrs. C. Milton Stimis, of East Orange, opened their cottage over the holiday.

– Mrs. Graham and her daughter, Miss Anna Graham, of Philadelphia, were among recent visitors.

– Miss Mary Kirpatrick is visiting her neice, Mrs. Chas. Brookfield, near Camden.

– Mr. George Todd, of Philadelphia, was here on Sunday and inspected his cottage which escaped damage during recent storms.

– Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Raage and family, of West Orange, who have been spending a few days here have returned to their home.

– Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Keough, and their little daughter, Reba, and Mrs. Graham, all of Philadelphia, are spending a few days here.

– Mr. George Kykes, of Philadelphia, was the recent guest at the home of his brother, Mr. Frank R. Sykes, on Simson Ave.

– Quite a few of ur people attended the ball at Seaside Park, Monday night. All declared they had a fine time.

– The Camp Fire Girls will give an ice cream and cake party sale in the first floor of the Union Church on March 15 at 7:30 PM.

– Mr. William Hunter of Philadelphia secretary of the Seaside Building & Loan Association visited here on Sunday.

– Mr. Arthur R. Meyers, the popular captain of the fish pound, visited Philadelphia during the week and mixed business with pleasure. He will present a report later and his friends insist on a detailed one.

– Since our friend Jess rescured himself from a watery grave (tell it not that it was a barrel of water) Uncle Sam heard of the feat and appointed him a member of the Coast Guad Service. If Uncle Sam had known how he treated his friends on the bay last winter he would have made him a captain.

– Mr. and Mrs. C. Milton Stimis of East Orange spend the weekend and Washingtons birthday here. They were accompanied by their son Mr. Harvey Stimis, Mrs. Stimis and baby, and Mr. Joseph Hauser. This was the first visit of Mr. Hauser who is a brother of Messrs. George and William Hauser to Seaside Heights and he was delighted with the Town.

100 Years ago: Seaside Heights Friday February 19, 1915

Nugent E Rex Builder of Seashore Homes Seaside Heights NJ Advertisement 1915

Nugent E Rex Builder of Seashore Homes Seaside Heights NJ Advertisement 1915

 Seaside Heights NJ Newspaper Article Friday February 19, 1915

Seaside Heights – Interesting Items Picked up in the Borough about the People You Know

– Mr. and Mrs. W.L Ramage and children, of West Orange, NJ are spending a few days here.

– Although Buz took a very short ride on Tuesday night she will never forget it.

– The Literary Society will hold their next meeting Tuesday evening Feb. 23, in the first floor of the Union Church. A very interesting program has been prepared.

– Yes, we all like pie.

– William King, who has been in charge of the barber shop of Chas. Stults, is about to leave. r. Stults will probably arrange to stay here personally and make this his permanent home.

– Mrs. Anna R. Towers, who formerly had charge of the cooking and dining room at the Sumner Hotel is stopping with friends at Norristown, Pa. Mrs. Towers left here on account of illness and her many friends will be sorry to hear that she has not improved in health.

– The Pennsylvania Railroad has arranged to make an application to the Public Utility Commission for permission to construct a crossing over the tracks at Sherman avenue and and to place a siding on the western side of the tracks for the Barnegat Ice Manufacturing Co.

– Builder J.C Tindall has obtained a contract to errect a hansome bungalow on Sheridan avenue for Mr. J. Leslie Boughnerk of Newark. The bungalow will be of frame construction with cement block foundations and the plans shows that it will be one of the hansomest in the town. Mr. Frank Tindall had the contract signed in Newark on Saturday.

– A most mysterious Valentine party was enjoyed by quite a few, Friday evening at the Marcy’s house. The mysterious part is that noboby knows who gave it, not even Mrs. Marcy, who received a note from the DSC. which included a sample of inivitation and list of people to be invited, asking if her house could be used and of course she consented. But who and what and is and are the D.S.C.? The evening was spent in doing all kind of Valentine stunts which extended into the Wee sma hours of the morning. Those who enjoyed the mysteriousness were: Mr. and Mrs. R. Lemon, Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Milne, Mr. and Mrs. J. Clayton, Mr. and Mrs, Hilbert, Mrs. and Mrs. N.E. Rex, Mr. and Mrs A. Hall, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. O. Bunnel and daughter, Florence, the Misses. Eva, Bessie and Mame Rich, Sara McNicholl, Reta Bowen, and Ruth Garrahan, Messrs. Elbert Tindall, Henry and Edward Meierdierck, Otis Tilton, Henry Garrahan, Joseph Potter, Clarance Wilbert and Alfred Mathis. Those who carried home the prizes were N.E. Rex, First; Elbert Tindall, Second; Joseph Potter, third, and Henry Meierdierck, booby.
Flagraising – Washington Birthday

On Washington’s Birthday there will be a flag raising at the new public school at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. An appropriate program has been arranged. A chorus of school children will sing and addresses will be made by Mayor Kramer and others.

Dance Class Night

A Dance Class Night, in connection with the Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company, was held in the Sheridan House on Thursday evening and was well attended. A permanant organization was formed with George Holland, chairman; P.A. Zisgen, treasurer; N.E. Rex, secretary; Elbert Tindall, Jesse Clayton, R.M. Milne, Daniel Allen, rustees. Among those present were mr. and Mrs. Jesse Clayton, mr. and Mrs. R.M. Milne, Elbert W. Tindall, P.A. Zisgen, mr. and Mrs George Holland, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Stults, mr. and Mrs. C.D. Anthony, SA Tollins, George M Endres, Mrs. M. Hibler, Chas Koch, Frank Hewitt, Miss Estella Hewitt, Clifford Brown, and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen, Miss Lucy Jene, Miss Florence Bunnell, Roy D. anthony, Miss E. J. Rich, Mrs. Anna W. Hall, Miss Bess Rich, Henry Meiderick, Mrs Ema E. Rex, Mrs. Olive Bunnell, Mrs. Ivy G. Marcy, Miss Ruth Garahan, Mrs. George Hauser, mrs. Koch, Mrs. F.J.S Sayles, E. Meierdierck, H.W. applegate, Otis Tilton, Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCormick, Miss Mame Rich, Miss Sara McNicholl, Jas. Holland.


At a meeting of the Bridge company on Saturday the directors decided tto have the necessary repairs made to the bridge and to expedite the work so as t open the great bay highway for travel at the earliest possible date.

According t the directors of the Bridge Company they will seek to hold the original conractors for the construction of the bridge liable for the cost of the repair work. Estimates showed that it will not take more than a few weeks, possibly four, to make the needed repairs. This work was begun during the week and is being rushed to completion.

The opinion of the Bridge Company directors was that the bridge will be in good shape for opening in the early part of April, or probably during the latter part of March so that even the early summer travel will be accommodated.

100 Years Ago: Seaside Heights Newspaper Article Feb 12, 1915

1915 Newspaper Article for the Sheridan Hotel Seaside Heights NJ

1915 Newspaper Article for the Sheridan Hotel Seaside Heights NJ

Seaside Heights NJ Newspaper Article

Friday February 12, 1915

Seaside Heights – Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People You know.

– Miss Sara McNicholl* spent the week-end with friends at Toms River. (*My Grandmother)

– Mrs. Robert Milne was a Toms River visitor during the week.

– Mr. C. Shultz and family are visiting in Newark.

– The Ladies of the D.S.C. enjoyed a walk from Seaside Park to Seaside Heights Saturday Evening.

– Dr. George A. Jennings, Mrs. Jennings, and daughter, of Mt. Holly spent Wednesday here.

– The Seaside Heights Litery Society met on Tuesday evenning, adopted by-laws and transacted other business.

– A typewriter company has presented mr. Fredk. J.S. Sayles with a handsome gold watch.

– The Camp Fire Girls held a well attended meetin at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Anthony.

– Miss. M.H. Esher has returned here from a visit to her parents in Philadelphia.

– Miss Olive Zisgen, of Arlington, Enjoyed a few days vacation at the home of her sister, Mrs. Christian J. Hiering.

– The First Troop of Boy Scouts had several drills during the week and they are making very rapid progress in learning the Morse code.

– Mrs. Anna M. Hall is with us again. She like Seaside Heights so well that it is trying for her to live in Philadelphia.

– Mr. Karl Weigand, of Philadelphia and one of the summer visitors here, has been given a contract to equip the new public school with window shades.

– Mr. and Mrs. John Whealon and daughter of Philadelphia were sunday visitors. Mr. Whealon has built a store and intends opening for business during the present season.
– The weather has been so very mild here during the past few days that it looks as if summer was about to visit before schedule time. The sunshine these days ought to make everybody happy – even the chronic grouch.

– A meeting of the Bridge Company will be held in Toms River to-morrow (Saturday) when it is expected that definite arrangements will be made to make the necessary bridge repairs.

– Mrs. A.R. Towers who has been associated with the Sumner Hotel in charge of the dining room since last summer, has been ill for some time and has gone to Philadelphia for a rest.

– The organization of the Q.T. Club is making rapid progress. It is composed entirely of ladies and in a short time it is expected that it will be one of the most progressive clubs in the town.

– The newly formed dancing class met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Marcy on Wednesday night and dancing continuted until a late hour. Some new steps were learned. What became of Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Milne and Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen? They were badly missed.

– At a meeting on Thursday at the home of Mrs. Kramer, Sr. Hamilton avenue, a society was organized for Home and Foreign Missions. The following officers were elected; Mrs. Harry Kramer, president; Mrs. C.D. Anthony, corresponding secretary for the Foreign Mission; Mrs. W.H. Magill, secretary; The other officers and committees will be appointed later.

– Now is the time to make preparations for your summer homes. The builders along this section of the coast are planning for one of the busiest seasons they have had in years and a larger number of people than ever are making arrangements to have their seashore cottages and bungalows built ON TIME. Do not leave the building of your summer bungalow or cottage to the last minute. Now is the time to make your plans and to give out the contract for building.

100 Years Ago: January 22, 1915 Seaside Heights Newspaper Article

Seaside Heights NJ – Friday January 22, 1915 Newspaper Article

Interesting Items Picked up in The Borough about the People you know

– Don-t forget the supper, Thursday night.

– Miss Elsie Schneider, of Brooklyn, was a visitor here during the week-end.

– Mayor Kramer was a Philadelphia visitor on business on Thursday and Friday.

– Mrs. George Taylor returned home from Barnegat where she has been for some time.

– Builder C.G. Marcy was in Philadelphia on Thursday and Friday attending to business.

– Mr. Fred Havens, of the Beacon, Point Pleasant was a visitor here on Tuesday.

– The Ladies Aid of the Union Church will hold a 15 cent supper in the church basement, Thursday evening, Jan 28 from 5 until 9 o’clock.

– Mr. Joseph G. Endres, of the Sumner, returned to his home here on Tuesday after a two days visit to Philadelphia.

– The Hyuh Tyee of the D.S.C. Club hereby notifies the members that the regular meeting of the Club will be held on Wednesday Jan 27.

– On Thursday Dr. T.C. Scott and Mr. H. G. Titus, of Philadelphia visited here and in the evening went to Point Pleasant on business.

– Contractor E. C. Kramer has gotten out some pretty calendars which show much artistic taste and are greatly admired.

– Grandma Holland returned home after spending several weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Charles Brookfield. Grandma was kept very busy trying to keep little Charles Jr., who is but two weeks old, in good humor.

– Some very pretty calendars have been obtained by Contractor N.E. Rex. They will be highly prized and carefully preserved for their sheer beauty of design. Builder Rex went to Philadelphia to-day on business.

Titty went to the city
to buy for herself a new dress
But when she got there
She found everything in a glare.
So you can guess the rest.
How about it Mikes?

– On Tuesday Chas McDermott, State School Inspector, inspected the new public school built by Contractor Clyde G Marcy. He reported that the building was one of the finest in the country.

– The Stork called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Christian J. Hiering this (Friday) morning and left a beautiful baby girl. Mother and child are doing nicely. The happy parents are receiving the congratulations of the entire Borough and their many friends in Newark, Trenton, Philadelphia, and other cities.

– The annual meeting of the Arlington Beach Company was held at the New Jersey office 317 Market street, Camden on Thursday and the officers and directors were re-elected as follows: President, R.F. Cummings; secretary, W.H. Cummings; treasurer, Christian J. Hiering. Directors: Christian J. Hiering, R.F. Cummings, Geo. S. Cummings, W.H. Cummings.

– William Reed who received a serious gunshot wound on November 6,  and whose life was despaired of for a long time was sufficiently recovered to leave the Spring Lake Hospital on Tuesday. His mother met him at the hospital and accompanied him to his home here. The doctors said that the recovery of the young man was almost miraculous. He is by no means fully recovered and for some time will visit the hospital twice a week.

Boy Scout Troop Organizing Here
Rush of Boys to be Enrolled. George Holland Tactician and Scout Master.

Steps have been taken to organize a troop of Boy Scouts in Seaside Heights and already there has been a rush among the boys to enroll their names. George Holland who was in the service during the Spanish-American war and is recognized as an efficient drillmaster and tactician, has been chosen scoutmaster.  Clarence Ellis Anthony will be secretary and the other officials including two experts will be elected later.

Among the boys already enrolled are: Clarence E. Anthony, Milton Hibler, George Holland, Charles Patton, George Bennett, Gordon Homer, Charles Homer, Daniel Allen, Harold Hibler, Ellis Maxon, Francis Johnson.

January 15, 1915 Seaside Heights Newspaper Article

SEASIDE HEIGHTS Friday January 15, 1915

Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People You Know

– Mr. William Currie of Philadelphia was a Sunday visitor.

– Mrs. Samuel McNicholl is again ill and confined to her bed (Note: My great grand mother Hellen Gallagher McNicholl age 60)

– Mr. and Mrs. Rosteen Walton are visiting friends in Philadelphia.

– The Ladies Aid expect to hold a supper on the 28th.

– Miss Ruth Garrahan will return next week after spending a long and enjoyable visit to her home at Dallas, PA.

– Mr. J.C. Tindall went to Philadelphia this morning and will attend some of the Rev. “Billy” Sunday services.

– Mr. George Endres, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Endres, of the Sumner Hotel who has been in Philadelphia for some time, returned here.

– Mr. Jack Schuh has been suffering with a very bad cold. He said it was Peach Cordial, that looked like Peach Brandy, what cured it. Anyhow the “Schuh is on the right foot” again.

– Mrs. Frederick J Sales, Mrs. Koch of the Sheridan House; Mrs. G. Hauser, and Mrs. Schrader walked to Lavallette on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed it very much. The walk along the beach was delightful.

– Mr. Ed Schultze, who was severely injured when a scaffolding fell last week, has considerably improved. He has, however, still left with him a badly discolored eye and his left side and left arm are very painful.

– Evangelist Edgar H. Carne, of the Missionary Institute, Nyack, N.Y. who conducted a series of services here a few weeks ago, will preach in the Union Church at the evening services on Sunday. The following Sunday the Rev. Mr. Lawrence will conduct the services.

– At the meeting of the Board of Education on Monday evening, arrangements were made for the official dedication of the new public school and flag raising on Washington’s Birthday. The ways and means committee were instructed to make arrangements for a pole and flag. There will be several influential men and prominent speakers present. Mr. Morris superintendent of schools will be one of the speakers.


The storm of Tuesday night and Wednesday morning did damage to several sections of the coast but Seaside Heights escaped. Seabright, as during former storms, again suffered and so did Atlantic City, Ocean City, and other shore towns. Seaside Park escaped with little damage. The boardwalk at the lower end was slightly damaged and a house under construction was damaged. The Ocean and Bay waters met in the lower section of the borough but little loss followed.

In the course of the storm and the ice floes brought down the bay by the fierce gale, several bents of the bridge were damaged.However, the damage was not nearly as the first reports stated. A legal question as to who will repair the bridge has been raised.

On Sunday a committee inspected the bridge and said a favorable report has been made to accept the bridge. A meeting of the bridge company was have to been called to act on the committees report to meet in Camden tomorrow (Saturday) Messrs Fay & Son, the contractors, declare the bridge was accepted but the bridge company says not. The Bridge Company also pointed out that when their employees went to the bridge on Monday morning they found barriers erected at the entrances and the bridge thus made impassable. In addition to claiming the bridge was accepted, Fay & son further claim that the bridge was built to specifications of the bridge engineer and that if pilings gave away for want of bracing it was not their fault. Further legal entanglements are surely to follow. Former Judge Berry is council for the bridge company and he claims the contractors should repair the damage.


A surprise party was given at the home of Mrs. Olive Bunnell, on Thursday evening, in honor of Mr. Otis Tilton, the popular Seaside Heights school teacher. The evening was spent playing games and music. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Greger, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kramer, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Clayton, Mrs. Clyde G Marcie, Mrs. N.E. Rex, the Misses Sara McNichol (My grandmother Age 25), May and Clara Anthony, Reta Bowen, Maud Walton, Eva Homer, Helen Brockway, Leona and Irene Algor, Julia Penn, Messrs. Joseph Patton, Edgar Lewis, Thomas Hultz, Alfred Mathis, Clarance Anthony, and school teacher Bennett from Seaside Park.


The council of the Borough of Seaside Heights, State of New Jersey will receive bids for the supply of equipment for the Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company No.1 as follows:

– 24 Fireman’s Coat Black Rubber
– 2 Fireman’s Coats White Rubber
– 24 Fireman’s Helmets Black Leather
– 2 Fireman’s Helmets White Leather
– 6 Fireman’s lanterns

All bids must be received on, or before February 1, 1915, and be plainly marked: +Proposal for Fireman’s Equipment” and must be accompanied with samples of the several articles of equipment required. The proposals and samples to be forwarded to:

Chas. F. Homer, Clerk
Borough of Seaside Heights, NJ

Then he Knows Better.
The average man thinks housework is one continuous round of pleasure until his wife is ill and he tries to get his own breakfast.