100 Years Ago Seaside Heights April 2 1915

Seaside Heights Newspaper Article April 2, 1915


Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People You Know

Mr. Wm. Toland of Philadelphia is here for the week-end.

Mayor E.C. Kramer was in Philadelphia on business during the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gifford have left town for a short time.

Mr. C.G. Marcy was a Philadelphia visitor during the week.

Mrs. William H. Magill spent several days of the week in Philadelphia.

The Misses Rich have taken the second floor apartment in the Goodwin-Kramer Building.

The builders of the town are seriously thinking of the new form of foundation.

Mr. And Mrs. Robert M. Milne are spending their Easter in the City of Brotherly Love.

Mr. And Mrs. Chas. F. Esher of Philadelphia, are here over the Easter holidays.

Mr. John Milne is here over Easter. He expects to spend much time here during the summer.

Mr. Christian J. Hiering has been named as one of the jurors for the April term of court.

Mrs. Virginia Stanger and her son and daughter are here for the Easter holidays.

Mrs. James T. Leal who enjoyed all there was to be enjoyed for the last month has returned to her home in Philadelphia.

The Sunday School will render a very pleasing Easter program Sunday evening. Mr. J.N. Davis will be the speaker.

A certain young man in town has become so absent-minded of late that he puts his cane to bed and stands himself in the corner.One night this same young man thought the dance floor at the Sheridan needed more support so he put the same cane under the porch.

Rev. Mr. Lawrence of Island Heights had charge of both morning and evening services in the Union Church on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Currie and their daughter, Miss Currie of Philadelphia have opened their cottage on Fremont avenue for the Easter holidays.

Mr. N. Earl Newman, of Spring Lake and family have leased the third story apartment of the Goodwin-Kramer Realty Building.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Sykes, of Island Heights, have moved here. They have leased a cottage belonging to Mr. F.C. Goodwin on Sumner avenue bayside.

Quite a few visitors are expected here over Easter. Hope the weather will be so fine the ladies can promenade the Boulevard instead of the Boardwalk.

The season here has begun much earlier than usual and never was there such a rush to secure cottages and bungalows as there has been the past few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred’k Vieser of Camden were visitors and were much pleased with their new cottage on Sumner avenue built by the E.C. Kramer Co.

Miss Sara Mcnichol was called to Philadelphia during the week to her sister who is confined to her bed the result of nursing her son, Loder, back to health who had a very severe attack of pneumonia.

Mr. Ebenezer Clark of Philadelphia and son are occupying their cottage on Dupont Avenue. Mrs. Clark who is a daughter of Mr. John Milne was unable to travel, having sprained her foot.

Dr. Wm. E. Crolius and Mrs. Crolius and family of Philadelphia are occupying their cottage on Lincoln avenue. They will remain over Easter. They expect to open their cottage earlier than usual this summer.

The Goodwin-Kramer Realty Company reports that the renting of cottages is starting in unusually early this year; all of Mr. Goodwins properties have been rented. While they still have quite a few choice cottages bungalows and apartments for rent for the season they would ask other property owners to place their houses on the list. According to the present indications there will be no trouble in renting houses for the summer.



100 Years Ago: February 5, 1915 Seaside Heights Newspaper Article



Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about the People you Know

– Attorney R.C. Hutchinson, of Bordontown was a recent visitor here.

– Mr. Geo Holland was a camden visitor over Sunday

– Mr. Arthur Driver of Germantown was a weekly visitor.

– Mr. R.B. Storm of New York made a trip to the borough on business.

– Miss. M.H. Esher has been in Philadelphia on business during the week.

– Mr. Clarence Anthony, chief of the Fire. Co. is confined to his bed with a bad attack of Neuralgia.

– The many friends of Mrs. Christian Hiering, who has been ill with a severe cold will be pleased to learn she is much improved.

– Don’t forget the meeting of the Seaside Heights Literary Society to be held at 8 o’clock Tuesday evening first floor Union Church. A musical program – and refreshments.

– Mrs. Emma Hauser, of Philadelphia and an ocean front cottager, spent several days here during the week. Mrs. Hauser is planning an extensive trip through Florida partly on business.

– At a meeting of Council on Monday Mr. Frank Sykes, of Island Heights, was appointed to audit the Borough books. Mr. Sykes is well-known and has had much experience as an auditor in municipal work.

– Mr. A.W. Driver of Philadelphia, has been awarded a contract by the Barnegat Ice Manufacturing Company to install engine, generator, switchboard, etc. and also to wire the new ice plant for electric lighting.

– Mr. J.T. Milnamow, secretary of Gimble Bros. Bank, Philadelphia was a Sunday visitor. Mr. Milnamow has been suffering from blood poisoning for some time but his many friends will be glad to know that he is very much improved.

– Mr. Joseph Endres, prop. of the Sumner has returned after a weeks stay in Philadelphia. Mr Endres, brought his wife and two children with him and will now make his permanent home here having disposed of his business in Philadelphia.

– During the week arrangements progressed very favorably in regard to the new dancing class. The class will be probably be given a room in the public school in which to meet. According to the most recent information Mr. Daniel Allen will be the dancing instructor.

– On Thursday a meeting was held at the home of Mrs. J.C. Tindall to organize a foreign missionary class and tentative plans were agreed upon. Another meeting will be held on Thursday at the home of Mrs. Kramer Sr., Hamilton avenue. All those interested in foreign missions are invited to attend.

– A meeting of the S.S.C Club was held on Thursday and a number of matters in connection with the club affairs were discussed. There was a large attendance and the ladies afterwards visited the new public school and various were the comments made on the size of the hot air heating plant.

– Mr. J.F. Deasy of the Pennsylvania Railroad came here this morning to obtain additional information in regard to the marvelous growth of Seaside Heights during the past two years. It is expected that work on the new passenger station will begin at an early date and a little later the erection of the new freight depot will be started.

– At a meeting of the Borough Council on Monday a contract was awarded to Mr. Roy G. Anthony to supply the Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company with equipment. This consists of coats, helmets, and lanterns. Mr. Anthony represents a big New York house. A bid was also submitted by Mr. A.W Driver, of Philadelphia but the total bid of Mr. Anthony was $13.20 lower and as the lowest bidder he was given the contract.

Never the Right Road

Its plain enough you get into the wrong road in this life if you run after this and that only for the sake o’ making things easy and pleasant for yours – George Elliot.


People now assured of a plentiful supply of ice for the coming summer and at low prices. Operations to Begin Next Week.

The new ice plant has been almost completed practically the only thing to be done is to test out the machinery. The plant is one of the most adequately equipped and best of its kind in the country. It has a capacity not only to turn out enough ice to supply Seaside Heights and Seaside Park but other towns along the coast, as well as Toms River, Island Heights, Ocean Gate, Pine Beach, and other places.

During the week the big whistle that will announce the morning, mid-day, and evening hours arrived. Its sound will be ever welcome to this section of the coast. The permanent residents and summer visitors know only too well the troubles they have experienced during the past two summers in getting their necessary supplies of ice and the prices they had to pay. The deliveries will henceforth be made early in the mornings and at prices that will be a welcome boon to householders and hotel shopkeepers.

To Mr. Christian Hiering belongs the credit of having planned and carried to completion the new ice plant. For this and many other things in the upbuilding of the town Mr. Hiering deserves the thanks of all of the people. The people know this and Seaside Heights is proud to have such a man as a resident. He plans with wisdom and once he gives his word that a thing will be done there is no turning back; he goes ahead and does it.