January 15, 1915 Seaside Heights Newspaper Article

SEASIDE HEIGHTS Friday January 15, 1915

Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People You Know

– Mr. William Currie of Philadelphia was a Sunday visitor.

– Mrs. Samuel McNicholl is again ill and confined to her bed (Note: My great grand mother Hellen Gallagher McNicholl age 60)

– Mr. and Mrs. Rosteen Walton are visiting friends in Philadelphia.

– The Ladies Aid expect to hold a supper on the 28th.

– Miss Ruth Garrahan will return next week after spending a long and enjoyable visit to her home at Dallas, PA.

– Mr. J.C. Tindall went to Philadelphia this morning and will attend some of the Rev. “Billy” Sunday services.

– Mr. George Endres, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Endres, of the Sumner Hotel who has been in Philadelphia for some time, returned here.

– Mr. Jack Schuh has been suffering with a very bad cold. He said it was Peach Cordial, that looked like Peach Brandy, what cured it. Anyhow the “Schuh is on the right foot” again.

– Mrs. Frederick J Sales, Mrs. Koch of the Sheridan House; Mrs. G. Hauser, and Mrs. Schrader walked to Lavallette on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed it very much. The walk along the beach was delightful.

– Mr. Ed Schultze, who was severely injured when a scaffolding fell last week, has considerably improved. He has, however, still left with him a badly discolored eye and his left side and left arm are very painful.

– Evangelist Edgar H. Carne, of the Missionary Institute, Nyack, N.Y. who conducted a series of services here a few weeks ago, will preach in the Union Church at the evening services on Sunday. The following Sunday the Rev. Mr. Lawrence will conduct the services.

– At the meeting of the Board of Education on Monday evening, arrangements were made for the official dedication of the new public school and flag raising on Washington’s Birthday. The ways and means committee were instructed to make arrangements for a pole and flag. There will be several influential men and prominent speakers present. Mr. Morris superintendent of schools will be one of the speakers.


The storm of Tuesday night and Wednesday morning did damage to several sections of the coast but Seaside Heights escaped. Seabright, as during former storms, again suffered and so did Atlantic City, Ocean City, and other shore towns. Seaside Park escaped with little damage. The boardwalk at the lower end was slightly damaged and a house under construction was damaged. The Ocean and Bay waters met in the lower section of the borough but little loss followed.

In the course of the storm and the ice floes brought down the bay by the fierce gale, several bents of the bridge were damaged.However, the damage was not nearly as the first reports stated. A legal question as to who will repair the bridge has been raised.

On Sunday a committee inspected the bridge and said a favorable report has been made to accept the bridge. A meeting of the bridge company was have to been called to act on the committees report to meet in Camden tomorrow (Saturday) Messrs Fay & Son, the contractors, declare the bridge was accepted but the bridge company says not. The Bridge Company also pointed out that when their employees went to the bridge on Monday morning they found barriers erected at the entrances and the bridge thus made impassable. In addition to claiming the bridge was accepted, Fay & son further claim that the bridge was built to specifications of the bridge engineer and that if pilings gave away for want of bracing it was not their fault. Further legal entanglements are surely to follow. Former Judge Berry is council for the bridge company and he claims the contractors should repair the damage.


A surprise party was given at the home of Mrs. Olive Bunnell, on Thursday evening, in honor of Mr. Otis Tilton, the popular Seaside Heights school teacher. The evening was spent playing games and music. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Greger, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kramer, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCormick, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Clayton, Mrs. Clyde G Marcie, Mrs. N.E. Rex, the Misses Sara McNichol (My grandmother Age 25), May and Clara Anthony, Reta Bowen, Maud Walton, Eva Homer, Helen Brockway, Leona and Irene Algor, Julia Penn, Messrs. Joseph Patton, Edgar Lewis, Thomas Hultz, Alfred Mathis, Clarance Anthony, and school teacher Bennett from Seaside Park.


The council of the Borough of Seaside Heights, State of New Jersey will receive bids for the supply of equipment for the Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company No.1 as follows:

– 24 Fireman’s Coat Black Rubber
– 2 Fireman’s Coats White Rubber
– 24 Fireman’s Helmets Black Leather
– 2 Fireman’s Helmets White Leather
– 6 Fireman’s lanterns

All bids must be received on, or before February 1, 1915, and be plainly marked: +Proposal for Fireman’s Equipment” and must be accompanied with samples of the several articles of equipment required. The proposals and samples to be forwarded to:

Chas. F. Homer, Clerk
Borough of Seaside Heights, NJ

Then he Knows Better.
The average man thinks housework is one continuous round of pleasure until his wife is ill and he tries to get his own breakfast.