100 Years Ago: January 29, 1915 Seaside Heights Newspaper Article



Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People you Know

– Mr. and Mrs. J. Waters of Germantown, were recent visitors.

– During the week Mr. Elbert Tindall was a Philadelphia visitor.

– Mr. F.C. Goodwin, Germantown and Mr. Fred’k Jones of Philadelphia were visitors here on Tuesday.

– There was a good attendance at the prayer meeting at the Union Church on Wednesday evg.

– Mr. H. Ingham Patterson, who is a quite frequent visitor, was here recently.

– Messrs Rob’t F. and Wm. H. Cummings were here on Sunday with a few guests.

– Mr. Karl Weigand, and son, of Philadelphia, were Sunday visitors at their cottage.

– Mrs. B. Fischer, of Torresdale, and daughter, Mrs. Fannie Holt were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred’k J.S. Sayles on Sunday.

– Miss M. H. Esher will visit the home of her parents in Philadelphia to-morrow (Saturday) and remain for a few days.

– The regular meeting of the Ladies Aid will be held on Friday evening, February 5, at the home of Mrs. Olive Bunnell.

– Mrs. J.C. Tindall entertained the Ladies’ Aid on Monday afternoon and Miss Fay gave a talk on her wondeful work and Burmah, India.

– A special meeting of the Ladies Aid was held on Monday evening at the home of Mrs. N.E. Rex. There was a good attendance and business of an important nature, which the ladies are keeping strictly private, was transacted.

– There will be a meeting of the Seaside Heights Literary Society in the Union Church basement on Tuesday evening, Feb. 9. The program will include, speaking, singing, and instrumented music. Refreshments will be served and the enrollment of members will conclude the program. Everybody Welcome.

– Miss Ellen E. Fay ave a very interesting and instructive address in the Union Church on Sunday evening on her work in Burmah. The land of mysticism offers wonderful opportunities for study and Miss Fay has spent about ten years in that country and has been very successful in her work. Miss Fay also spoke before the Sunday School in the afternoon.

– There was a supper on Thursday evening at the Union Church which was well patronized. Mr. Otis Tilton played during the evening and the Misses Ruth Garrahan, Maud Walton, Miss Sara Michnoll (note: my grandmother), and Mrs. Jesse Clayton presided at the tables. They were assisted by Mrs. N.E. Rex, Mrs. John Barnes, Mrs. C.G. Marcy, Mrs. R.M. Milne, Mrs. F. J. S Sales, Mrs. Harry Kramer, Mrs. J.C. Tindall, Mrs. C. Patton and others.

– The troop of Boy Scouts, which is making marked progress under George Holland as Scoutmaster, has obtained permission to use the basement of the Union Church for their meetings. In asking permission for the use of the building Scoutmaster Holland made one of his eloquent and convincing speeches. He declared there was no organization better than the Boy Scouts to keep young men in physical training and consequently in good health and that their attendance at the meetings kept them out of harms way and the many temptations which lure the young.


Honest Pete, now is it true?
What the neighbors are saying of you;
That you take your dog to bed,
This, at least is what they said.


Until further notice the following is a complete list of mails arriving and departing from Seaside Heights, N.J.

Mail leaves for Philadelphia   7.38 AM
”    ”                  Pt. Pleasant 11.04 AM
”    ”                  Philadelphia   3.21 AM
Arrives from     Pt. Pleasant    7.38 AM
‘     ”                 Philadelphia   11.04 AM
”     ”                Pt. Pleasant      3.21 AM
”     ”                Philadelphia      6.13 AM

JOS. G. ENDRES, Post Master