100 Years ago: Seaside Heights March 19 1915

Seaside Heights Newspaper Article March 19, 1915


Interesting Items Picked Up in the Borough about People You Know

Mrs. Selfridge was the guest of Mrs. Leal on Sunday.

Clyde G. Marcy was in Philadelphia Monday and Tuesday on business.

W.W. Hauser of West Philadelphia is visiting friends at Seaside heights.

Miss M.H. Esher has returned here after a visit to the home of her parents in Philadelphia.

Don’t forget the Literary Society’s meeting Tuesday Evening. All welcome.

Mr. Fred Ruck and Mr. William Belz, both of Manayunk, were visitors during the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Klee and children spent Sunday with Mrs. Jams T. Leal on Dupont Avenue.

Mr. Edmund C. Kramer has been a Philadelphia visitor since Thursday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. E.T. Appley, of Camden, were Sunday visitors at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Elsa M. Titus.

Anyone interested in building should write to Clyde G. Marcy for pamphlet illustrating a number of the best cottages and bungalows in the Borough.

Rev. James Morgan Read, a widely known pulpit orator, died on Tuesday night at his home in New Brunswick.

Attorney James Mercer Davis was here on Wednesday on Borough business. He attended the meeting of Council.

One of the most attractive signs along the beach has just been completed by W.W. Hauser, for Contractor Clyde G. Marcy.

Mr. James T Leal of West Philadelphia certainly has been enjoying his week-ends since spending them down here.

Mr. and Mrs. Christian J. Hiering ‘s baby daughter who has been ill is very much improved and she is still suffering from a severe cold.

WE had electric lights here for the first time this morning at the new ice plant. The plan was lighted from its own plant and everything worked splendidly.

The D.S.C. held their meeting Tuesday evening and transacted a lot of business which will make some people around here sit up and take notice before long.

The Fire Company held its regular meeting on Monday evening and quite a lot of business was transacted, the main thing being the formation of the Relief Association.

An entertainment will be held under the auspices of the D.S.C on Monday evening March 22, at the School house at 8 o’clock sharp. Admission free.

Mrs. Anna W Hail who has been occupying her house for several weeks will go to Philadelphia on Wednesday for business. Mrs. Hall is making arrangements to make Seaside Heights her permanent home.

Mr. Joseph G. Endres has artistically decorated his general store on Sumner and the boulevard for Easter. The stock of Easter cards and souveniers is larger than ever before displayed and affords a choice assortment suitable to all tastes and at exceptionally low prices. Call at the store and see for yourself the choice of cards. Make your selections early as the cards are such beauties that they will be quickly picked up.

100 Years Ago: Electric Light Near March 19 1915

Seaside Heights News Paper Article March 19, 1915

Electric Light Near

Council Pushes Plans for the Erection of plant and Recommends Purchase of Water Works.

That Seaside Heights will have one of the most up-to-date electric light plants in the country before the season opens was promised by the members of Council at their meeting on Wednesday. Plans were made to expedite the erection of the new electric light plant but before building can be begun a special election must be held to vote on the taking over by the Borough of the water plant of the Peninsula Water Company.

Everyone is agreed that the Borough should own its own water supply as well as it s electric light plant and other public utilities. The electric light plant will be built on a part of the ground of the water plant and thus save the cost of purchasing ground. Both the water plant and the electric light plant can be operated in conjunction and at considerable saving to the Borough and what saves the Borough money is also a saving to the taxpayers. Every property owner should see to it that the vote in favor of taking over the water plant is unanimous. By taking over the water plant the ground for the electric light plant can be secured without cost and work on the electric light plant can be started the morning after the voters decide to buy the water plant. Both the water plant and the electric light plant will be two of the Borough’s greatest assets.

At the council meeting several resolutions were adopted which are printed an another page.

1930s Amusement Prize Drunk Leaning on Lightpole Ashtray

This is a vintage boardwalk amusement prize ca 1930s. It is a cast iron ashtray of a drunk leaning on a light pole.

Vintage Ashtray Seaside Heights NJ  drunk leaning on light pole ca 1930s

Vintage Ashtray Seaside Heights NJ drunk leaning on light pole ca 1930s

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