Wieners Department Store Advertisement Early 1960s

Early 1960s Advertisement Wieners Department Store. It was located on the south east corner of Blaine and the Boulevard. Hemingways Cafe is currently occupying the property where Wieners once stood.


Wieners Department Store Advertisement 1960s


Wieners Department Store Advertisement Early 1960s — 1 Comment

  1. My wife and I met as teenagers while working at Wiener’s Dept. Store during the summer of 1953.She worked in the ladies clothing department and I worked in the furniture department at the opposite end of the building. The employee parking lot was next door to the furniture department and this is where we met. I noticed this girl was having trouble pulling out her parking place and I was only too glad too help. Our first date was to see the Four Aces concert in Asbury Park. Our 60th wedding anniversary is coming up this coming June 2nd, after raising three kids, four dachshunds and two cats. Working at Wiener’s is among our fondest memories.

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